Bay Tree are experienced investors, who understand what it’s like to be in your shoes

Bay Tree invests in UK businesses that generate profits between £2m and £10m

Owner Transitions: helping realise a partial or full exit from your business
Management buyouts: partnering with management teams to help buy a business
Growth Capital: supporting owners & management to deliver your growth plans
Bay Tree Experience


We offer three different perspectives: operating, investment and finance, our Triple View.

This provides a unique sounding board for you and your team which taps into our diverse experience and wide network of partners.

We’ve worked across multiple sectors in successful entrepreneurial start up, challenger and lead brand companies, for over thirty years.

Bay Tree Empathy


Bay Tree Advisory Partners have first hand experience of leading successful Management Buyouts, so we understand what it feels like to be in your shoes.

We understand the daily challenges of running a successful business and meeting the requirements of a Private Equity investor and so will help and support, rather than hinder and distract.

We look to back and support talented management teams who we can develop a strong and open relationship with, and where our values and culture are closely aligned.

Bay Tree Execution


We are backed by a diversified group of institutional investors who understand the Bay Tree model and allow us to adapt our funding to specific situations and sectors.

You will only deal with the decision makers, who will support your growth plans and operational activities as we get to understand your business, team and culture.

We will provide you with our input and expertise, when you feel it’s needed, and when you believe it will add value.

Our Team

The Bay Tree team has a wealth of experience from a combination of operating, investing and financing roles.


Bay Tree Private Equity LLP (FRN 788586, Partnership No. OC418686) is an appointed representative of Khepri Advisers Limited (FRN 692447), which is authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority. Khepri Advisers Limited acts as the Principal Firm to Appointed Representatives. Registered address Bay Tree Private Equity LLP, c/o Sanders, 1 Bickenhall Mansion, Bickenhall Street, London, W1U 6BP (please note this is not an office address)